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How to be fit

May 29, 2020

In this episode Coach Jimmy shares how small and big actions can lead to huge results. You can do good with no money and only a phone. These words and actions are what will make our world, home, and lives better.

🧡We take action.

🧡We make the world better.

🧡We care, support, defend, and shelter those in need.

▪️We’ve done it through hurricanes, for those in Africa with a hospital, and locally for one community member at a time.

▪️We will continue to do so in troubling times and beautiful times. ▪️You are the force of NBK and for doing good, leading with strength, passion, and kindness. Find us at @crossfitnbk on all the socials and join us in Roswell GA. Listen on our podcast @ Spotify: Or webplayer: